Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey! Where's the Modern?

Where are the Modern houses in Charlotte?
That is what a lot of people moving to Charlotte ask.  Some cities, like Seattle and Denver, have entire neighborhoods of mid-century modern homes.  But Charlotte's modern homes were built with a more scatter-shot approach.  Most of the mid-century modern homes were built by individuals who purchased a lot in a popular neighborhood, hired an architect and then built the home of their dreams.   So, they are scattered all over the Queen City.  There are some neighborhoods that have more than others.  And there are some floor plans that you can find in a few neighborhoods, but for the most part search for a modern home is more like an Easter Egg Hunt than a normal home search.  (See some of our Favorite Modern Hoods.)

Searching for a modern home for sale in Charlotte,on the internet,  can be difficult at best.  Some real estate agents don't know if a home is modern or "Transitional", and many times they just leave that category blank.  Other agents just hit "Contemporary" for any home that has a vaulted ceiling.   So Savvy + Co. has a solution!   A modern home search.   Not all these homes are the slickest modern or the best examples of California Contemporary  but they all have some modern or contemporary aspects.  And it's fun to see what is out there for sale ... and how much the they cost.  The mapping feature also lets you easily see where homes for sale are located.  

Here are links to some of the neighborhoods with the most Mid-Century or Contemporary homes:

Lansdowne:  A 60's brick ranch and split-level hood about 20 minutes from Center City Charlotte.
                     Features great Atomic Ranches and some custom MCM's.

The Cloisters:  This is one of Charlotte's best examples of upscale suburban development and has the
                         the largest concentration of mid-century modern homes.
If you are looking for a modern home - new or vintage,  Savvy + Co. has several agents that specialize in modern and we are here to help you.  As a group we have sold more modern homes than any agency in town!  Best of all we are only a click away.

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